How many no. 1 Hot Country Songs does Garth Brooks have?

How many no. 1 Hot Country Songs does Garth Brooks have?

It doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re wearing, or what time of day it is — if “Friends in Low Places” comes on, every single person  — old ladies, infants, social media influencers — sings along.

That’s the kind of popularity Garth Brooks enjoys — and for good reason. His songs are catchy as hell.

He brought country into a new era in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, and for a time it seemed everything he touched was gold. (Sometime at a later date, we’ll discuss that whole Chris Gaines thing.) And even recently he’s showing that he still wields an insane amount of star power.

Garth Brooks is easily one of the most successful musicians ever, period, and probably the most popular crossover country artist of all time. And while his accolades and achievements are numerous no matter which way you look at it, when you drill things down to Billboard’s Hot Country charts, it really puts things in perspective.

How many times has he topped the Hot Country charts?

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