What was the best-selling rock album from the 90s?

What was the best-selling rock album from the 90s?
Photo by Mick Haupt / Unsplash

Sometimes I think Spotify is pretty novel, but then I remember when I signed up for Columbia House. 5 CDs for a penny! Then forget to cancel and buy three more CDs for $80 each.

Spotify is really just a glorified, if somewhat less malicious, mail-subscription music company.

The five CDs I got when I joined:*

  • Green Day — Dookie
  • Stone Temple Pilots — Purple
  • Woodstock ‘69
  • Jane’s Addiction — Ritual de lo Habitual

Aaaand … this album. The best-selling rock album of the ‘90s worldwide.

*I don’t know if those are actually the CDs I ordered from Columbia House, but seems close enough.

Which rock album of the ‘90s sold the most — worldwide?

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